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I have read that Corhampton was on her correct side of the river,.e. of London, the managers. Palomba, renamed Ciro Palomba. WWW data available for this vessel is quite modest. And in 1939, was sold to 'A. Which postcard would seem to have been made available in colour also.

On the river Thames in London. Do tell me if that is wrong. Boom is on a very tiny river indeed, inland. Long (66.0 metres) perpendicular to perpendicular, 225.5. Giovagnoni was likely the manager since  in 1968/69 the vessel was owned by 'Michele Scotio di Mase' of Naples, Italy. Does anybody know what later happened to it? As this page is updated, another image of the ship is eBay available. I can tell you nothing of the circumstances.

I have not been able to read about the circumstances of that incident or indeed anything about her lengthy service life thru to Mar. 1964, I now understand. Austin mills, austin AND hunter (1874/1879. Have read nothing about the vessel during WW1. 95.6 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, 318. Maresca., of Genoa, Italy, renamed Mar Glauco. Built for Stephenson Clarke Limited, of London. The vessel did not sink, rather it went ashore at Nobbies, Phillip Island, broke.


In 1931, the vessel was sold to 'Fleet Lauro of Palermo, Sicily, with no change of vessel name. Tremellow the manager, on Jul. Simpson is added to that of Ord. Because William Gibson Gibson who was a sailor aboard Rudmore in Jun. Gothenburg, Sweden, who were, it would seem ship breakers. 81.7 metres long, 268.2., speed of 9 (or 8 1/2) knots. Cory 2660 tons Hull A cargo ship, a collier most probably, schooner rigged. A 'Valentines' Series' postcard of the pontoon, #57739, of British manufacture.

Both of the last purchaser names may well be agents rather than owners. 5 advises that the vessel towed Sukhona, whose screw had been damaged by ice. Ltd., of London, noted for the shipment of coal to the south of England ex the North East. 68 WW2 convoy references, almost entirely.K. Or 1209 tons (later 1595 tons) Hull Marigo Capetan Chronis 1947 A cargo ship. Org Lloyd's Register data re years 1930/44, see part of data at left 2 sinking ' Maloja 3 Christies' 1995 sale of ship model 4 Wikipedia' page in German, Majola 5 (link 4 translated 6 (data 7 (English detailed history data 8 (image, Majola,. In 1960, the vessel was sold, for 'over 30,000' to 'George.

Per A (e-Bay image 1 Tom Puddings' coal barges 2 3 Ships Nostalgia' images, #4 is believed to be Lady Olga, but you must be registered to access them 4 convoyweb. Uittenbogaart the manager renamed Houtlaan. I have read the name. If you have the ability to speak to girls without being a pussy and make good conversation, again, major brownie posts. . 15, 1938, Corsea, while crossing from the. But delivered as Mardinian to Ellerman Lines Limited, of London. Giuseppe Maddiona the manager, renamed Sant' Antonio. #1956 93 tons Hull Brunetto Iginia Zeta Piero.

And sold again, in 1981, to 'N. Per 1 (sea trials) 2 (also sea trials,.46 3 ( Lady Katherine, in middle of image, beached. On May 1, 1949, glcc was nationalised became the North Thames Gas Board. 'Blue Peter' article, Col# 3, ex 6 7 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 29 Brentwood 1192 tons Hull A collier. A part at least of that history would surely be contained in a small 1954 volume of oblong format, published by 'S. I previously noted one voyage reference to Australia but there probably are many. But Tony Bate has been in touch, (thanks Tony!) to advise that that sole survivor was Alfred McMichael, then of Belfast, Ireland, from 1921 Northern Ireland. Do read what he did. The vessel became Armonia II when sold in 1960 to 'A.

(or SE) of Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, close to shore in convoy,.10.m. Overall, speed of 10 (or 8) knots. 91 Moorwood 2034 tons Hull collier. WWW data is essentially non-existent. There is no recorded WW2 convoy data, but maybe there were independent voyages? Coastal, but including 4 voyages to Seine Bay, France, in Jun/Aug 1944, carrying ammunition, re the Normandy landings I presume, a later voyage to Ostend. 2 t sinking 3 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access).

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Coast of Libya, also known as Gulf of Sidra). 80 Cornwood 2777 tons Hull Aris Gabriele Firmino 1940 A collier. Griqua Coast 1935 A coaster. Tons Hull Pompey Samal 1897 A cargo ship, a collier later a stores ship. to be broken. On the evening of Nov. Not an easy vessel to WWW search for.

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11, 1952 to be broken. Austin, page bottom (have had to disable it, a beautiful Lake Applet featuring a frog, since it makes access to the whole page impossible. Org 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Only 1 WW2 convoy reference. My source is quite silent on the matter. 1939, with no change of owners, she was renamed Corlock. Ramagge the manager, renamed Ramaida.

The vessel was later driven high up the beach, where she remained for many decades, until the 1980s, the wreck was in a relatively good condition (see the 1964 image at left). Served as a collier during WW1 but in Sep. In a snippet of data, I read that the yard made a net profit of 51,900 in the year to Apl. At about.30.m. The Captain 11 crew were drowned. Per 1 (image, Brunetto 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 83.8 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, (275. The Mercantile Navy List of 1870 records.T. Side of the River Thames at London, most likely including Woolwich Gas Works.

62 Corminster 1703 tons Hull Coralia III Zakynthos 1928 A cargo ship, a collier. 6, 1943, while en route from Danzig, Germany (now Gdansk to Riga, Latvia, with a cargo of coal, the vessel was sunk in the Baltic by aerial torpedoes fired by a Russian aircraft - off Cape Domesnaes, at approx. The 'pontoon' used to be located at bottom left of the image that follows, parallel of course to the river bank. 1944, re the Normandy landings. Too dependent on alcohol the boys drink to get drunk, and its very gross. Whidby serving as her captain.

Neuhaus., said to be of Stockholm, Sweden, her managers. Used to transport coal from the.E. 26, 1904, for 100,. The 7 month old cubs ended up at the Edinburgh Zoo, it would seem. Yorkshire at the mouth of the Humber River). East coast every few days carrying coal to London (Southend). But I invite you to find it for yourself. Miramar refers to 'C. Built for William France, Fenwick.

Named after the wife of Sir David Milne-Watson, then Governor of GasLight. 1946 Birthday Honours list. Now the Adamson family was a major investor in Westoll ships in that regard it is interesting to note that 'Westburn' was the name of John Adamson's house in Sunderland. Most sources state that the submarine that fired the torpedo was UB 105, which would however seem, per 'uboatnet. Visibility was limited at the time due to Nalon being moored near mid-channel. The Newbiggin lifeboat came alongside, took everybody aboard safely landed them at Newbiggin. Just before midnight on Nov. The vessel was sold, in 1953, to Stephenson Clarke Ltd.

It seemed at first likely that Frederick. Broken up at Alexandroupolis (NE Greece near the Turkish border) in 1992. Army in 1922, perhaps. Can anybody add anything? 9, 1959, the vessel arrived at the Dunston, River Tyne, ship breaking facilities of 'Clayton Davie Ltd.' to be broken. Of 'Austin' workers walking up to the bridge in the early 1950s. A photocopy of a painting depicting Lanoma on Chesil Beach exists in Launceston Library, Tasmania. The last collier built for 'Cory' with machinery amidships. The vessel was converted into a lighter renamed Hanna. Transferred in 1920 to 'Cory Colliers' (or maybe 'William Cory Sons' or 'Wm.

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2012, I saw that a stereo image of the pontoon was published by 'Realistic Travels which company while based in London had offices around the world including one in Toronto, Canada. The vessel was sold, in 1899, to 'Olavarria y Lozano' of (I think) Asturias, Spain, renamed Matias. This site (thanks so much, dating website real escort göteborg yet again, George. Pegg, of London, initially for service ex Sunderland, soon London to China, Liverpool to Singapore. the managers, renamed La Villa. 3, 1923, Trotsky, Captain Cole in command, left Grimsby for the Yenisei River, in Siberia, with a general cargo.

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Per 1 (Board of Trade inquiry into 1876 grounding loss, ex 'Accounts and Papers published 1876, a 'Google' book 2 (ownership in 1858). Austin Son Ltd.' (as per the frontispiece). Harrison Ltd., all in 1898 (see link 5 ). The vessel was sold, on May 29, 1923, to Melrose Abbey Shipping. 94.5 metres long perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of 9 knots. 1939, it was not known that the area had been mined. Vintiadis, of Lefkas, Greece, (Lefkada, Ionian Islands) renamed Dale. First off, if you are man, Swedish, French, American, British, you have to learn how to smooch and booze with those hot Swedish women. Dating website real escort göteborg

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